How to configure Multiple vm Instance per request in vRA 8.x

I got a use case to deploy multiple vm instances in single catalog request, this feature is by default available in vRA 7.6 blueprint and easily visible but in vRA8 it’s not an eye catcher.

Today I will demonstrate how to configure your catalog item by giving your customer a choice to choose number of instances to deploy per request.


Blueprint is already published in catalog item. If you want to see how to publish a blueprint in catalog item read my blog “Publish a blueprint as Catalog items in vRA 8.x


  • login to vRA portal and go to Service Broker > Content & Policies > Content. Click on the 3 vertical dots of your content which you need to configure and choose Configure item.

  • It will give you an option to allow vm instance per request (Max. Instances per request is 10) , fill your number and click on Save.

Bonus Tip: From CHANGE ICON option you can upload an Image Icon for your catalog.

  • Now go to Catalog tab and click on Request to request a vm.

  • Now you can see there is an option available to provide number of deployments. Choose how many vms you want and submit the request by clicking on Submit.

  • You can see there are 3 requests triggered in vRA portal.

This conclude the demonstration.

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