vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Migration from 2.x to 8.0.1

I got an opportunity to migrate my vRLCM 2.x to vRLCM 8.0.1, I enjoyed doing this in the lab and thought to capture the procedure. The migration requires few inputs, such as legacy vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager hostname, username, password, and SSH password. There are few prerequisites as well.


Verify that you have vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 2.1 version or later.

Legacy vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager must have SSH enabled for the root user.

vRealize 8.0.1 Easy Installer setup downloaded.


1. Mount the Easy Installer ISO and go to vrlcm-ui-installer > win32 and lunch Installer.exe.

2. From the Easy Installer wizard, click Migrate.

3. Click Next on the Introduction wizard page.

4. Accept the EULA and click Next

5. Enter the vCenter details where the new vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.0.1 is going to install and Next.

It will give Certificate warning, Accept it.

6. Select the datacentre, Compute Resource and Storage in the vCenter Server.

7. Enter the Network configuration details for the destination location.

8. In the Password configuration, enter the password which can be set to the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager root and admin password.

9. Give the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.0.1 VM name, Hostname, and the IP details

10. Now provide the details of legacy lcm server which we are going to migrate, give admin and ssh password.

11. For 8.x we need Identity manger so if you have one, import it or else Install a New VMware Identity Manager. Give all the details of vidm server

12. Review the details and submit.

13. Once the request submit you can see the installation process

14. Once the installation will complete you will see one URL in the wizard. This is the URL for the new vRLCM.

15. Login to the vRLCM url and you will able to see all your environments with data centers, vCenter Servers, Settings (such as NTP, DNS, and so on), SSL certificates, content endpoints that are managed by older Lifecycle Manager are migrated and the environments are imported to the latest version.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed doing & writing it.


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