vRealize Automation 8.1 – vRO for Multi Tenancy

The vRealize Orchestrator concept for vRA 8.1 has been changed completely. The default tenant will have the embedded vRO integrated OOTB and the embedded vRO does not create new tenants means any additional tenants will not have any pre-registered vRO integration. As you can see below master tenant has embedded-vRO but our tenant, Tenant1 has no vRO integrated.

Master Tenant:


Now we have two options to use vRO with vRealize Automation 8.1 multi tenancy.

  1. Work with the embedded vRO and add it to each tenant. Users will be able to see and edit the same content.
  2. Add external vROs for each tenant.

Here will see how to add external vRO. Any vRO using the Multi tenancy as AUTH provider can be registered to any of the tenant by creating new integration and providing the vRO FQDN without providing any credentials

Procedure to Integrate external vRO with additional tenant.

For this lab, I have deployed a new external vRO 8.1 server and will integrate it with tenant Tenant1. vRO 8.1 deployment can be seen in my blog here.

vRO Appliance: vRO-81.vralab.net

Tenant: Tenant1

 Login in vRO at https://vro-81.vralab.net/vco-controlcenter and open Configure Authentication Provider.

Select Authentication mode as vRealize Automation and provide host address as https://tenant.vra-lb.vralab.net and click on Connect.

Accept the certificate.

Now it will ask you to give tenant credentials. Use your tenant admin credentials and click on Save changes.

You can see the Configure Authentication Provider has been configure with vRealize Automation authentication and Host address.

Now login to Tenant1 and go to Cloud Assembly, Infrastructure & under Connections choose Integration and click on Add Integration.

You will be presented by all the integration types, choose vRealize Orchestrator.

In the new integration window give integration a name, description and vRO URL as below and click Validate. Once validated successfully, hit Add.

Here you can see the integration of External vRealize Orchestrator has been done successfully.

Open the orchestrator client and you can see we are on Tenant1, vRO.

That’s it for this post.

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