Configure vRealize Orchestrator – Add a vCenter Server Instance

In the post I will demonstrate how to configure the vCenter plug-in within the vRealize Orchestrator client: So, let’s get stared.

  • Log in to vRealize Automation Orchestrator client as a user having the appropriate permissions to use the Orchestrator client.
  • In the left pane Click on Library and Workflows.
  • In the workflow library, search for Add a vCenter Server Instance workflow and click on Run.

  • A dialog box will open and prompts for the following input:
    • IP or host name from the vCenter Server.
    • The HTTPS port is 443.
    • Enter “/sdk” within the Location of the SDK input box.
    • Select Yes for Will you orchestrate this instance.
    • With the Ignore Certificate Warnings checkbox, select Yes.

  • Click on second tab “Set the connection properties”, it will ask for below details.
    • For Use shared Session select Yes.
    • In the Username for Orchestrator to connect to vCenter Server field, enter administrator@vsphere.local.
    • Provide the Password of the user.
    • Enter the Domain name.

  • Now click on Run and it will start the workflow.

  • Once the workflow run successfully and completed, you can see your vCenter server added in vSphere vCenter Plug-in

That’s it for this post. 🙂

Hope you like reading this post. If you think this post is helpful to you, please like & share also comment if you need any further discussion.


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