vRealize Automation 7.6 Part 3: Tenant & Users Initial configuration

In the previous posts we did installation & configuration of vRealize Automation 7.6 Small & Medium (with HA). We also verified that installation was successful, and we were able to login to vRA console page.

In this post we will configure initial tenant configuration and domain user integration in vRA.

Log in to vRA console by typing https://vRA-FQDN_Or_IP/vcac and use credentials Administrator and password set at the time of deployment.

Go to Tenant then select default tenant

Go to local user’s tab and click New to create a local user, fill the details and click Ok.

Move to Administrators tab and add newly created user to Tenant & IaaS administrator group and click Finish.

Now logout from Administrator user and login with newly create user ‘vraadmin’

Go to Administration->Directory Management->Directories->Add Directory and select Add Active Directory over LDAP.

Fill Directory Name and select Active Directory (Integrated Windows Authentication), fill all other details and credentials for user who have domain admin rights on Active Directory and click Save & Next.

It will ask to select associated domain, select and click Next.

Now it will ask to Map user Attribute and click Next.

Now from here you can select group to sync with vRA click on + sign and add group DNs and click Next.

Now add User DN and click Save.

Now you can see user & group DN you have mapped.

Click on Sync Directory to sync Active Directory user to vRA, once sync is complete you can verify the status from Administration->Directory Management->Directories->vCloudInsights->Sync Log

At this point logout from local administrator user and now I am going to login with domain user.

Now I am able to login which says our Active Directory integration is done successfully as I am able to login to vRA with domain id.

Now next step would be to provide Role & access to domain user.

In the next post we will configure Endpoint in vRealize Automation.

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