vRealize Automation 7.4 to 7.6 Upgrade through vRSLCM

Recently I got a change to upgrade vRealize Automation from 7.4 to 7.6 through vRealize Lifecycle Manager 2.1. In this post I’ll demonstrate steps to upgrade vRealize Automation 7.4 to 7.6.

So, let’s get started.

There are few pre-requisites to keep in mind before upgrading the environment.

  • Add product Binaries to vRealize Suit Lifecycle Manager. There are several ways to do that (in my case I am choosing Repository URL)
  • Verify that the vRealize Suite product to upgrade is part of a vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager private cloud environment and take a snapshot of the product so that you can restore in case of anything goes fail during upgrade.
  • The vRealize Automation management agent and all IaaS Windows nodes are running.
  • The second member in the vRealize Automation load balancer is disabled.

Review VMware document here for Preparing to Upgrade vRealize Automation.

  • Login to vRealize Lifecycle Manager and go to Environment, select Environment to upgrade and click on View Details.
  • In the top right corner click on 3 dots and select Upgrade.
  • In this page select check box IAAS snapshot after VA upgrade and choose Repository type, in my case I choose Repository URL and give vRA version as 7.6 and location to vRA update repository ISO file.
  • In this page click on Run Precheck to do Data Validation and vRealize Automation Validation. Once you will click Run Precheck it will pop-up a Prerequisite window review and click on Run Precheck and it will start the pre validation.
  • Once validation is successful click on Next to review the Summary and click on Submit to start the upgrade process.
  • From the request tab we can monitor the upgrade status, sit back and wait for this to complete successfully.
  • Once it done you can see below the vRealize Automation 7.4 environment has been upgraded to vRealize Automation 7.6


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