What’s new in VMware vRealize Automation 8.10.0

VMware has released VMware vRealize Automation 8.10 as of October 2022. With this release, VMware has provided several enhancements and new Features.

New Features

  • Cloud Guardrails (vRA Cloud Only) – Guided Setup
    A guided setup is now included in Guardrails. This feature takes you through guided steps to onboard the cloud  environments into Guardrails and enforce governance.
  • Display salt grains data in Cloud Assembly for a more detailed resource view
    This release provides the ability for SaltStack users to view grains data of the salt vms at the time of deployment in Cloud  Assembly.
  • Provide the ability to set custom salt grain data with SaltStack Config resource on Cloud Template
    Cloud admins can now set custom salt grains as part of SaltStack Config Resource on a Cloud Template. This enables the cloud admins to manage the provisioned resource using the highstate file.
  • Custom form fields with defined valueList are displayed as multi value picker
    When adding a row or object fields in the custom forms designer, complex nested fields that have a defined valueList in their schema are now displayed as Value Picker or Multi Value Picker with enhancements to show default labels.
  • Integration support between vRA and vRO user interactions
    The vRA and vRO integration now supports ‘User Interaction’ during provisioning to Allow the ability to collect information that may not be known during the request time. Approvals are now located under the users ‘Inbox’ within Service Broker. This feature has these limitations:
  • Nested workflows containing Manual User Interactions don’t create work items under ‘Inbox’ tab. In that case, the interaction can only be answered from vRO directly.
  • Script operations on LdapUsers and LdapGroups from executions from vRA won’t yield result
  • Requires the latest version of vRO (8.9.1) to work properly, due to fixes in vRO itself
  • Variables of type SecureString cannot be displayed in the MUI form properly

Supported for Catalog Items, Custom Resources and Resource Actions. Learn more about user input requests.

Resolved Issues

  • Default cluster group is not enabled for Cloud Assembly user with custom role
    Cloud assembly user with custom role for managing integrations can’t select default cluster group on TMC integration.
  • Error importing Qualys scan results in Saltstack (SecOps) config UI
    Importing latest version of Qualys scan report results in an error in Saltstack config (SecOps) UI.Boot disk which is a part of the deployment appears as deployed/onboarded resources ** in resource view.
  • Spaces in Action Based Extensibility name is causing some issues in UI

    When working with an action name that starts or ends with a white space, you cannot search for these actions in the UI. In the editor the white space is trimmed, resulting in an error “Action is not in same project as Flow “, because the action with the trimmed name could not be found.

  • First Class Disk resize from vRA fails on vCenter versions >= 7.0.3

    From vRA, the resize action on a First Class Disk attached to a VM fails on vC version 7.0.3. The same action completed successfully when performed directly on the vCenter using PowerCLI. The issue is identified with the fail fast mechanism present in vRA that checks if the disk is attached and immediately fails the request.

  • Inconsistencies with data may occur when switching from text to password field in custom form
    Data inconsistencies might occur when service broker admins switch from text to password field in custom form.
  • vRealize Orchestrator (vCOIN) – Context Actions sometimes are not Initialized on clean setup
    When an administrator tries to assign a context action from a workflow page it may throw an error.

Note: If an error occurs again after the upgrade, log into the vRO Web Client with an administrator account to the Configurations page, and delete the configuration elements residing in the following directory – ‘/vCOIN/_system’. Then login again in the vSphere client with administrator account and navigate to the context actions page and retry again.

  • vRealize Orchestrator(vRO) – Scheduled tasks were failing intermittently because the authentication tokens had to be renewed.

    The issue is now fixed with this release. vRO Scheduled tasks no longer require authentication tokens to be renewed for non-administrator users when not using the vRA plugin in the Workflow. Scheduled tasks will continue to run successfully.

  • REST operations fail to encode special characters

    As of 8.8.0 vRO version, invoking REST operations with query parameter values that contained certain special characters ($, ) failed with “Illegal group reference” error. Another manifestation of this bug could be incorrectly sent query parameter values, which didn’t match the server’s expectations.

Resolution: Upgrade vRO platform version to 8.10.0 or upgrade just the REST plug-in to the build released with vRO 8.10.0

  • Overprovision occurs when attempting to onboard past resource limits

    Analysis of Relocation showed that the Provisioning Service API erroneously returned a capacity that was available when in fact it shouldn’t have been. This was reflected by the cloud zone where resources were not consumed by onboarded workloads when they should have been.

Now, the requests coming to provisioning service are now serialized, so capacity requests and allocation worked as expected.

Changed and Deprecated Functionality

  • Deprecate PowerCLI 11.5
    Powershell 6 with PowerCLI 11.5 has been deprecated. Use PowerCLI 12.7.0 in its place.
  • SaltStack Config
    Upcoming in the October 2022 (next) release, the saltConfiguration property will be deprecated and removed. Users are encouraged to use the saltResource property in its place

Credit: vmware


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