vRealize Automation 8 Code Stream- Add Code Stream pipelines to the Service Broker catalog

As a service administrator, you can make Code Stream pipelines available in the Service Broker catalog by adding a Code Stream content source and sharing the pipelines. The pipelines are the continuous integration and delivery model of your software release process.


Verify that the pipelines that you are importing are enabled and released in Code Stream before you import it.


Release pipeline job from Code Stream.

  • Go to Pipelines à Select you pipeline àActions àRelease

  • Once release it will show state as Enabled & Released.

Jenkins Jboss

Import pipelines from Code Stream.

  • Select Content and Policies > Content Sources Click New.

  • Click on Code Stream Pipelines, Enter the Name for this content source.
  • Select the Source project and then click Validate.
    The validation process tests the connection and provides the number of released pipelines that are associated with the project in Code Stream.
  • Click Create and Import

Share the imported items with the source project so that they appear in the catalog.

  • Select Content and Policies > Content Sharing.
  • Select the source project that includes the users who have permission to request the pipelines.
  • Click Add Items and then select one or more pipelines to share with the project.

            You can select all the items imported from a content source or you can expand the source tree and select individual items.

  • Click Save.

Verify that the pipeline is available in the catalog to the members of the selected projects.

  • Click Catalog, locate the imported pipeline.

  • Click Request and provide any required information.
  • Click Submit.

The provisioning process begins, and the Deployments page opens with your current request at the top. You can monitor your request from here.


The released pipelines are imported into Service Broker, shared in the catalog, and deployable.

That’s it from this post. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Feel free to share your feedback/input/review and share this if you feel it worth sharing.


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