Installation & configuration of vRealize Life Cycle manager 2.1 – Part-2

In continuation of the previous post Part-1 we are going to do initial configuration of vLCM 2.1.


  1. Use a supported Web browser (Chrome, IE or Mozilla FireFox) to connect to your vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance by using the appliance’s IP address or host name.

https://IP address/vrlcm

  • Enter the administrator user name.


  • Enter the default administrator password.


  • Click Log In.
  • Once login, in the very first page it will ask you to change the root password. Please change.
  • After login the home screen will looks like below.
  • Now Go to setting–>System Administration

System Administration:  From here you can do basic setting like enable SSH, reset root password, reset Admin password, restart server etc.

Product support: We can Add Product Binary, Patch Binary and connect vmware account to     

download patch or product directly from vmware site to vLCM.

Server & Protocol: We can add NTP, DNS, SNMP configuration.

User Management: We can add Existing Identity Manager or install New Identity Manager.

So, we are done with initial setting to getting start with vRealize Life Cycle Manager.

Thanks for reading this post. 😊

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